SINCE 1996/9/1

Welcome to [Manzou's Toy box].

I am delighted to see you.

I intended to show my computer graphics (most of them are girls) at myHomepage.

But English is not my native language, and I donft have self-confidence about my English skill. So Ifm using Japanese language only at my Home page. I would like to give you an explanation, because I still would like to show you my main contents [CG BOX].

Please push the button [CG BOX} at top page.Now you moved in to [CGBOX].

You should can see 6 boxes, from the top to bottom [Normal] [Moreskin] [The CG copyrighted by otherfs] [CG given from my friend] [I say Itfs a scribbling] [More skin scribbling].

New CG located at the top; the old CG located at the bottom.

Chose the one you would like to see and push the small graphics.And I really wish you would enjoy my CG.

Caution! We have those computer graphics, which are including skin at [More skin] and [More skin scribbling]. So please be careful with perusal young kids.

Link Free!

This is a link free home page. If you give me link notice, I will give you link too.

manbun manbun2

I want to have JOB OFFER.

I am looking for CG design, graphics job, If you have interested my work please contact me via e-mail.

Thank you for stop by my Home page! See you soon again!(^^)/

All Computer Graphics are belong to Manzou.All Computer Graphics are copy righted by Manzou. No person may use that CG for commercial purpose or any business purpose without permission from Manzou.

please contact me via e-mail(^^) manzou@infonia.ne.jp

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